On an almost sunny November day, the two new research assistants at Anna Marie Fisker’s office at Aalborg University in Denmark, Maj Kirkegaard and Anna Eva Heilmann, visited Wageningen University and Research to meet up with one of the Learn4health partners. They were welcomed by project leader Annelou Vernooij and her colleague Annelaura Schaap who presented the updates on their intellectual output and introduced the work of other interesting projects they were currently working on.
After this educative presentation, the general progress of the Intellectual Output: ‘Food education in different countries’ and the Learn4health project as a whole was discussed. Also the upcoming Learning, Teaching Training event in Arden, Denmark in April was touched upon. Hereafter, Annelou and Annelaura gave a guided tour of the impressive Wageningen Campus, where almost 10.000 students are currently enrolled, and which boasts an impressive Nutrition and Health research and laboratory facility.
Thanks for hosting a good meeting (and for the delicious Dutch waffles).