De Hoge Hof

De Hoge Hof is a small primary school in Kapel-Avezaath (The Netherlands). Our school is a safe, attractive place, where children can learn. The school supports the broad range of different learning modes of children. We appeal to the autonomy of the students and give them room to stimulate and develop their capacities. At De Hoge Hof we work together with parents, children and teachers on the basis of mutual respect and acceptance with different beliefs and religions.

As a school we aim to offer high-quality, tailor-made education in which we make use of modern textbooks, games and computers. We contribute to the development and talents of every child at our school and we focus on social and cultural developments.


In the context of L4H we will utilize our experience in testing taste and sensory education and will be focusing on means to integrate hands on sensory and taste education practices into the curriculum of primary schools.

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