Fundació Escoles Garbí

The school partner in Spain is the Garbí Pere Vergés School, a charter school located in the greater Barcelona and serving children 983 students from 3 to 18 years of age. The school pedagogical vision relies on two fundamental principles: Individual attention: the student as protagonist of the training process. A team of teachers develops a support and guidance for such a process, from a constant dialogue with the student and individual attention. Training for Life: School as a student society and as a citizen. All students, whatever their age, are citizens of a society and have their rights, duties and responsibilities to themselves and to the community. The school structure is built around the lunchroom, which is the center for social life in school. The school has a pedagogical approach that encompasses and/or organizes all subject matter. It has three components. First, to stimulate the capacity to pose and solve problems with a methodology to achieve the cultural and scientific academic knowledge. Second, potentiate individual and group qualities through experimentation using all the resources the school offers to students. And third, foster activities of social responsibility to the community through involvement in social projects and engagement in helping younger students.Food, eating and nutrition is part of the pedagogical project of the school and is one key aspect of social life. The relevance of the dining room begins in the classrooms themselves. Students devote time to his preparation, learning about hygiene and standards necessary for the proper functioning. There is a board constituted by students that determines the functioning of the school lunchroom. The entire school community eats together thus becoming one of the most important social events of the day.For the L4H project, this school seeks to incorporate children’s eating practices into the school curriculum through a series of project-based activities and curriculum integration techniques.

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