Haworth Primary School

Haworth Primary School is a school that seeks to elaborate, and refine the model of the “whole school” in relation to health and the eating practices of children in and out of school. In particular, the school seek to center of elements of the whole school initiative that have resulted in behavioural change among young people in relation to health. The goal is develop a model to include educational activities and messages around physical activity thereby generating a holistic and participatory curriculum for addressing health behaviours in relation to food. Haworth Primary School is a primary school which also has a 52 place Nursery. Currently it is a Local Authority school but is consulting to become an Academy. It is situated in the district of Bradford Metropolitan Council and is in the Worth Valley area. Haworth Primary School is a school with 287 pupils. The school is participating in L4H with Headteacher Mrs Helen Thompson. She has an educational background as Bed Honours degree in Primary Education. The school has kitchen & food environment facilities needed for the L4H activities including canteen service. Haworth school receives food from external suppliers and has its own production of meal as well. The children at Haworth school are actively involved in regular cooking lessons. Meal service and production includes local and organic produce. The school has a school garden and is running school gardening activities on a regular basis. Produce from the school gardens are also used in the school meals. In addition the school has experience in farm-to-school cooperation and the school has a community supported school fruit scheme in operation. The school has established cooperation with food producers on food supply and visits and are operating its food activities under a food and meal policy. In addition the school has a Physical activity Policy as well as an outdoor activity policy. The school is a Centre of Excellence for West Yorkshire Sport and believes in actively promoting healthy lifestyles through both curricular and non-curricular activities and initiatives. The school will participate with special emphasis on how to further develop food education as an integral part of the school curriculum. The school actively promotes understanding of food miles and seasonal produce and also aims at developing the understanding of Fairtrade.

The school will in cooperation with Health Education Trust (HET) be responsible for the activities related to developing cooking and growing activities to involve both parents and the local community in order to have a wider impact in our health education. The school has experience in training a wide range of students and NQT’s in PE and will in in L4H in cooperation with HET be in charge of developing policy recommendations linked to health education in order to influence the practice of teachers entering the profession.

Read more about Haworth Primary School here: www.haworth.schooljotter2.com (external link).