Karmelava Balys Buracas Gymnasium

Karmelava Balys Buracas gymnasium provides primary and secondary education for students ages 6-18 (pre-school education, primary, basic and secondary (all levels are “under one roof”). We serve 623 students and employ 70 teachers. The gymnasium is very active participating in EU projects and implementing the results of those projects into the academic life of the school. That means that we seek constant and diverse learning opportunities and are open to all innovative ideas from the European community. Our school belongs to the Healthy Schools’ network, which joins schools in Kaunas region. The healthy Schools network is very active in promoting healthy lifestyle; good emotional environment, and healthy food and sport. Our gymnasium is proactive in organizing diverse activities to promote healthy lifestyle. Carbonated drinks, and unhealthy snacks are banned at our gymnasium. Usage of modern IT, awareness of the foreign languages, creation of a good environment for teaching/learning, promoting healthy lifestyle are keys to promote and develop the education of students at our school. Karmelava Balys Buracas gymnasium has great experience in organizing projects, hosting project partners and organizing workshops. Our gymnasium has participated in several projects to improve students’ learning/teaching environment (E.G., My school is my home’, Home to home” ‘Just Healthy”) . Furthermore, we recently participated in a Regio Comenius project called ‘Developing health education culture in Italian and Lithuanian educational institutions.” This project helped us better understand the needs of the students. As a member of the Healthy Schools network in Kaunas region, our participation in the L4H project will help us to promote healthy food education. Working together with our school canteen’s company we hope to change students’ attitude towards healthy food.

Read more about Karmelava Balys Buracas Gymnasium here: www.buraco.kaunas.lm.lt (external link).