Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

The Lithuanian academic partner is the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetas – LSMU), one of the largest institution of higher education for biomedical sciences in Lithuania with almost 100 years of academic experience and great potential for development. Altogether, the academic community at the university includes more than 25,000 members of staff, including more than 7300 Lithuanian students and nearly 800 international students. Clinical teaching and research are mainly based on cooperation with the largest health care institution in the Baltic States – the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences “Kauno klinikos”.

LSMU is specializing in scientific biomedical, health care and sociological research. Its goal is strengthening health systems functioning, chronic non-communicable disease prevention and control and quality of life. It provides the highest level of specialized expert services for institutions that formulate and implement a national and regional health policy; It effectively use research data in the health system and the education process.

One of the Universities’ Department – the Health Research Institute, identifies and classifies health risk factors, ways to control them and help people to get information they need. The Health Research Institute of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences continually organize and participate in scientific health research, works with various programs of the studies in the university, experimental development activities, participates on preparing health practitioners.

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences’s Health Research Institute (World Health Organization collaborating center) has experience in different international or national projects such as, The Health Behavior Survey (FINBALT), Health behavior of school aged children (HBSC), World Health Organization (WHO) European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) etc.

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