Policy recommendations

Intellectual Output number: O9

Responsible project partner: England, Health Education Trust & Haworth Primary School

Description: Compiled analysis of impact of L4H project on diverse agents.
Tasks: his task develops policy recommendations for both educational teaching programs as well as for food, nutrition and health educations. It is targeted to 2 policy streams: food systems planning and policy making as well as primary, secondary and higher education planning and policy making. The policy recommendations contain, in both cases, a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of different hands-on based approaches to learning about food, nutrition and health. After that, it briefly offers the result of the impact assessment of the L4H undertakings and L4H tools and ends up with recommendation on how to implement innovative project based hands on learning about food, nutrition and health. The recommendations will finally contain a guide on relevant local community stakeholders that can be involved in the institutionalization of such new learning principles.