Scientific Publications

Intellectual Output number: O10

Responsible project partner: Denmark, Aalborg University

Description: Peer-reviewed level scientific publications.

Publication 1 (P1):   In this publication, we will document the state of the art of the project, i.e. state Learn4Health, as an European project creating health, food and nutrition literacy through innovative interdisciplinary teaching and learning methods. AAU (Fisker and Seerup Clausen) will take the lead and it will be targeted to a peer-reviewed journal and conference centred on Social and Economic Sciences.

Publication 2 (P2). This publication will centre on one to two case studies carried out by L4H (HOFA’s) and contribute to new interdisciplinary professional models for teachers with point of departure in the project’s results. Providing scientific evaluation of the novel and innovative insights, tools and instruments in the field of Problem Based Learning about food, nutrition and health created by L4H.

Publication 3 (P3). The publication will examine how the theoretical, methodological and practical aspect of the foodscape model we employ in L4H influences the diverse social, cultural and organizational contexts of the project´s partners. The main university researchers will contribute to this publication.

The publications will be lead and edited by Fisker (Denmark) seeking an optimal process to involve partners in the deliveries.

P1: Learn4health, a European project creating health and food literacy through innovative interdisciplinary teaching and learning methods

P2: The Mobile Sprout Wagon – an innovative new approach to improving pupils’ health through interdisciplinary hands-on food activities 

P3: Taste Missions – A New and Innovative Approach to Improve Pupils’ Health Through Food Literacy 

P4: Learn4health: New Innovative Approaches to Teaching Children about Food, Nutrition and Health