Second Learning/Teaching/Training Activity in Copenhagen

The Learn4health partners recently met in Copenhagen for the Second Learning/Teaching Training Activity.

During five intense days, the partners were able to workshop, present their progress and discuss the  preliminary results as well as the opportunities for further dissemination strategies for the remaining duration of the project, and the status of Learn4health in terms of impact and sustainability. These days also included a successful collaboration with the annual World Food Summit – Better Food for More People, hosted by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, where Learn4health had the opportunity to present the project and the preliminary results at a Multiplier Event and at two public breakout sessions, as well as facilitating a summer school – the Case Competition.

The partners all expressed satisfaction with the opportunity to teach and train each other, share experiences, challenges and suggestions, and discussing and debating both the overall progress of the project as well as the progress of the respective Intellectual Outputs.

The Learn4health project has now been even more solidified, and it is expected that at the next and final Learning/Teaching/Training Activity in Slovenia in February 2019 the last details for finalising and completing the Intellectual Outputs will be able to be discussed and concluded.

Thank you all for some very interesting, fruitful and intense days in Copenhagen!