Learning/Training/Teaching Events

European countries represent diversity in food cultures, approaches to teaching/learning, and in ways to operate school systems. Different countries also offer novel and innovative ways of teaching topics of food, health and nutrition. The participating countries represent a wealth of learning approaches and didactic insight. By bringing this diversity together under the same roof in intensive and concentrated hands-on workshop-based training activities important synergy is expected to evolve. Also, by bringing teacher/practitioners together with academics/researchers important dynamics is expected to develop, resulting in robust prototypes of novel HOFA based learning tools and instruments. In addition, we think the collective use of the English language and ICT tools among teachers will mediate important professional development competence and mobility capital for them.

Below you can see the scheduled Learn4Health Learning/Training/Teaching Events:

Number: C1

Where: Arden, Denmark

When: April 8 – April 13, 2018

Responsible project partner: Aalborg University

Fields: School Education

Activity Type: Short-term joint staff training events – Hands On Food Activity workshop

Activity Description: The HOFA (Hands On Food Activity) workshop will be dedicated to de-construct and discuss the L4H HOFA instruments in order to prioritize and qualify those instruments. Detailed plans for the refinement of the instruments in subsequent workshop-based training events will be made. Necessary adjustments will be made to these tools as to allow standard evaluation. Other adjustments will be made to adapt them to differences in food and learning cultural contexts. At the workshop, a revised list will be developed and used. The workshop will also test and further refine the protocols and the academics will refine their protocols for impact assessment.

Number: C2

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

When: August 27 – September 1, 2018

Responsible project partner: Aalborg University

Fields: School Education

Activity Type: Short-term joint staff training events

Activity Description: At the second HOFA (Hands On Food Activity) workshop the revised list from the first workshop will be used as a foundation. The workshop will test and further refine the protocols in the different cultural school contexts. A further development of HOFA’s in cooperation with the World Food Summit Case Competition in Copenhagen will add contribution to the project and help defining new innovative approaches to foodscape teaching/ learning with point of departure in cases related L4H. This part of the workshop will provide both theoretical and practical expertise on developing new designs and prototypes as well as strategies and curricula on how to integrate a foodscape pedagogy into existing school curricula. Furthermore, the work on converting and transferring the insights from HOFA’s into concrete Intellectual outputs (01-011) will be further developed and detailed plans for the final contributions from L4H partners will be made.

Number C3

Where: Slovenia

When: Winter/Spring 2019

Responsible project partner: Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota

Fields: School Education

Activity Type: Short-term joint staff training events

Activity Description: The last HOFA (Hands On Food Activity) workshop concerns the final refinement of the HOFA collection of instruments. Add hereto the final transfer, check of insights, experiences, and evidence into the L4H Intellectual outputs (01-011). Key methodological aspects of gathering data across different foodscapes will be examined and discussed. This workshop will contribute to bridging gaps between food, nutrition and health studies on the one side and educational studies on the other side. It will contribute to the creation of synergy between school and university cultures and provide insight into traditions of research based educations and evidence based knowledge production. This final workshop will include teachers and teachers’ education, and will make plan for the presentation of HOFA insights and cases at the Multiplier Event (E4) that is defined as a final open conference. The conference will offer approaches that are conceptually and theoretically founded in the broad category of foodscape studies. Theories from health promotion, public health nutrition, food literacy studies and food and health sociology will be used to stage and guide the workshops.