The Week af a Child in Črenšovci Kindergarten

There were many different activities everyday connected to nature and health during the Week of a Child in the Črenšovci kindergarten taking place October 2 to 6, 2017.

On Monday, we had a corn day, on Tuesday a forest fruit day, on Wednesday a leaf day, on Thursday a potato day and on Friday a fruit day. Our Week of a Child was titled ˝Invite the sun into the kindergarten˝. The children hulled corn, they visited the forest and created things with leaves and fruits of the forest, they picked apples, made fruit on skewers, visited a farm, and much more.
The sun was not only in the kindergarten, but also on the children’s faces.

Learn4Health news from one of the project’s Slovenian partner organisations Primary School Franceta Preserna Črenšovci.