Wageningen University & Research

The academic partner for the Netherlands is Wageningen University & Research. That seeks to center on developing Taste Lessons (Smaaklessen) using the Sapere method (Teaching children about conscious and healthy eating behavior in a playful hands-on way as opposed to information). The collective will focus on key elements that have generated initial positive results such as parents’ involvement in the lessons content and context. Wageningen UR has developed and coordinated Taste Lessons, a strong and successful food & nutrition education programme for primary schools for the past 10 years. A large network of more than 80 organisations for environmental education (NME) and community health services (GGD) in the country was built in order to support implementation in schools. Wageningen UR also coordinates the EU School Fruit Scheme. This makes Wageningen UR the biggest developer/provider of nutrition and food education programmes for primary schools in the Dutch school system. Wageningen UR is the only university with the scientific expertise and experience in all disciplines needed for this project: food, nutrition, communication, behaviour change, education and development studies.
WUR has a long tradition for participating in international projects, in projects related to food and nutrition and young people in school settings. The WUR has a track record of doing research in taste education using the Sapere model.
Read more about Wagening University & Research at www.wur.nl (external link) and about Taste Lessons at www.smaaklessen.nl (external link).